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This is the second year of Marlborough's engineering course. Throughout the year, students engaged in several hands-on projects in which they receive an engineering challenge and practiced going through the engineering design process.


Each new project gave the students different tools and strategies that they could use to brainstorm ideas, formally evaluate those ideas, and test and revise their solutions.


This year, because we had to transition to distance learning, the students' final project was an "At Home Design Challenge" in which they identified a problem at home and designed a solution to address it. They learned computer aided design (CAD) and used it to create a 3D model of their designs. Below you will find a summary of each student's project, including a description of their unique design challenge, the functional requirements their product needed to have, and a technical sketch of their final design.

Engineering Capstone Projects

Nicole G.png
Mira C.png
Tess I.png
Parker M.png
Sophie DK.png
Louise C.png
Brooke F.png
Quinn B.png
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