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At Marlborough we believe that entrepreneurship is more than the act of creating a business--it’s about transforming the world by solving big problems, like initiating social change, building a life-changing service, or creating a new product.


Empowering students to define their future and maximize their impact, Marlborough’s entrepreneurship courses provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills, networking and partnership opportunities, and coaching and mentoring to help them launch their products and services to their target markets.


Middle and Upper School students can choose from a variety of course offerings, and students interested in a deep exploration of entrepreneurship can participate in the Entrepreneurship Capstone, a year-long, independent project.


Explore this page to watch this year’s Capstone Pitches and to learn about the social enterprises students pitched in Design for Social Impact.

Student Capstone Projects

Catherine M.JPG
Catherine '20 - We're Off

We're Off is an education platform for college-bound teens that increases self-confidence by fostering an easier transition into college life and beyond.


Best Part of this Year: The best moment was delivering my pitch for the first time to a group of students and teachers at Marlborough. I realized I had the ability to bring an abstract idea to life, knowing my product will be helping others along the way!


Next Steps: I plan on attending the University of Chicago in the fall, and I hope to update my venture as I go through college life in real time.

Grace Headshot 2019 - Grace Tulinsky.JPG

Polle-Nation is a science-based board game aimed at teaching people about the environmental impact of bees. Polle-Nation helps moms by engaging the whole family in captivating games that also help kids learn scientific concepts.


Best Part of this Year: The most exciting part of my capstone experience was being able to see the real-world applications of entrepreneurship. I learned to not be afraid to pivot and adjust your plans when something doesn't go as expected.


Next Steps: Next year I'll be attending Barnard College where I hope to continue creating ventures that will help people learn more about the environment.

Grace '20 - Polle-Nation

QWERTY is an online collaborative storytelling game. It helps creative teens who want to pursue a personal passion while spending time with their friends.


Best Part of the Year: Learning the skills of starting a business: putting together a business model canvas, creating a pitch deck, etc. I know that I will be able to apply these skills in fields other than entrepreneurship as well as my venture.


Next Steps: Next year, I will be attending Harvard University as an English major. I'm planning to continue to grow and expand QWERTY in college.

Sammie 3 edited - Samantha Chung.jpg
Samantha '20 - QWERTY

Design for Social Impact Venture Ideas

Ariana and Javier.JPG

A group of 10th-12th Grade Students participated in this semester-long elective with the goal of learning about social entrepreneurship, a rapidly developing and changing field in which business and nonprofit leaders design, grow, and lead mission-driven enterprises.


As traditional lines blur between nonprofit enterprises, government, and business, Marlborough believes it’s important for our future change-makers to understand the evolving business landscape as well as the systemic inequities that create the need for social change.


Throughout the semester, students worked in teams to develop a business plan for a social enterprise. Through this project, students developed and practiced the skills necessary to create real and lasting impact. Below you can read more about each team’s project as well as students’ takeaways from the experience.

Annalise ‘21and Bella ‘21- AB-Seas Podcast
AB-Seas Podcast - Isabella Rhow.png

AB-Seas is a podcast that teaches young people about the importance of our oceans.  By providing easily-accessible information with eco-tips that listeners can seamlessly integrate into their daily routine, AB-Seas helps listeners reduce their carbon footprints and heal our oceans. 


Best Part of Creating a Social Enterprise: Through this process, we became more aware of how the systems and structures around us can be corrupt. This has inspired us to do our part to create more humane communities, and the insights we gained have empowered us to make changes in the structures around us. 

Anya ‘22 and Eva ‘22 - LAStudent
Final Logo - Anya Karumanchi.png

LAStudent helps LAUSD high school students by providing free resources and academic support groups that support students’ academic success. LAStudent aims to not only provide students with an equal opportunity to succeed, but also to provide a supportive environment that fosters educational growth. 


Best Part of Creating a Social Enterprise: The most riveting part was being able to formulate a solution for an issue that we are passionate about--education inequality--that is conceivable and can make a tangible impact. We were given access to resources to create a platform for our website as well as connections that enable partnerships with other schools. While our website is still under development, you can read more about our project here:

Catherine ‘21 and Dakota ‘21 - Not Guilty
1 - Catherine Esrey.jpeg

Not Guilty sells loungewear and accessories to help those who have been wrongfully incarcerated. By working closely with the Innocence Project, Not Guilty highlights the stories of the wrongfully incarcerated while also paying them a fair wage.


Best Part of Creating a Social Enterprise: It was so exciting to make a company centered around such an amazing cause--wrongful incarceration. Learning how to prepare and give a pitch was also very helpful, and is a skill we will definitely use later in life.

Gaby ‘20 and Lily ‘22 - Bites and Bobs
bites and bobs logo - Gabrielle

Bites and Bobs is a food truck that rescues food from restaurants that is going to be wasted and recycles it into healthy, affordable and delicious dishes. Bites and Bobs also donates meals to the food insecure.



Best Part of Creating a Social Enterprise: The best part was learning how to think outside the box and about the importance of consulting with the communities you are trying to help.

Lauren ‘21 and Vicky ‘21 - Bike Buddies
Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 7.50.03 PM - L

Bike Buddies helps college students by not only helping them keep off the freshman fifteen, but also by helping them lower their carbon footprint! Bike Buddies creates a biking community where college students rent bikes to get them around campus, thus eliminating cars from their daily routine.  


Best Part of Creating a Social Enterprise: We learned how to be creative and structure a business from the ground up, from making sure our name couldn't be copyrighted to designing our own logo. This was a super fun and unique experience that we’re thankful for!

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