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Digital Presence for Impact


Working in a collaborative, blended learning environment, Digital Presence for Impact students worked to develop specific digital skills, while cultivating an intentional digital presence.Throughout the course, students explored how to navigate their physical and digital communities with empathy and understanding.

Below students showcase their ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics and web-based information while cultivating their research proficiency and developing a multimedia presentation that advocates for a local nonprofit organization.

Student Projects

DPI allowed me to reach out and connect with a nonprofit organization and share their efforts with the class.


While doing this project, I cited my sources using Noodletools, a helpful online resource that allows me to cite and export my sources in a convenient way.


I chose my particular organization, Heal the Bay, because I had done a beach cleanup with them before and was familiar with what they do as a foundation. Heal the Bay provides highly educational information on how we can keep our environment and ecosystems healthy and clean.

Taryn '25

I chose my organization because I realized that fast fashion was an issue that many people my age and possibly myself contribute to.


I always knew that it was an issue but after meeting a representative of the organization at another event I became very interested.


I got to hear a story about working in a clothing factory from a former garment worker. I still think it's very important that people know the impact of their habits and buying fast fashion is just what caught my eye!

Millie '25

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make an environmental PSA, because I love nature and I'm very aware of the harmful effects humans have on it.


I had also volunteered at the Ballona Wetlands, with my organization, many times before, and I was inspired by the landscape there.


The Ballona Wetlands were the perfect choice for my PSA since they have been greatly effected by human activities such as urbanization, and I was very familiar with the wetland habitat.

Julia '25

DPI was a great way to start out the year for me and the class taught me things for school that I still use today.

I picked my organization because I am very passionate about the arts (mainly visual) and my dad had volunteered there once so I already knew a little bit about it.

Nola '25
Siena '25

I really enjoyed DPI, because I got to learn about ways to fight for change that don't require marches or big speeches. I now realize, that what I learned in this class are especially helpful now that we are all at home, and that marches and speeches are no longer a possibility.


I chose to focus on #HappyPeriod because, while this may be different at Marlborough specifically, menstrual inequity is a largely overlooked issue around the world, and yet is one of the greatest issues facing women today. #HappyPeriod was an organization that was fighting these issues in a way that allowed anyone to contribute, and I felt like it was important to share that.

Eloise '25

The most important tool I learned in DPI was how to cite sources. We need to cite our sources in almost all of our core classes, and DPI showed me how to create those citations properly.

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