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This is the third year of Marlborough's engineering course. Though we were remote for most of the year, students engaged in several hands-on projects in which they received an engineering challenge and practiced going through the engineering design process.


Each new project gave the students different tools and strategies that they could use to brainstorm ideas, formally evaluate those ideas, and test and revise their solutions.


In addition to hands-on experiences, being remote motivated the use of computer aided design (CAD) to model their designs in an online and collaborative way. One project in which students got to use this skill was "Solve a Peer's Design Challenge" in which each student was presented with a design challenge written by their partner. Below you will find a summary of each student's project, including a description of their unique design challenge, what they learned from this project, and a technical sketch and/or CAD model of their final design.

Capstone Projects

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