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Social Justice & Community Partnerships


This course is for 12th-grade students that have demonstrated a commitment to the nonprofit sector through volunteering. This is an opportunity for these students to invest themselves and their talents to help further the mission of a single nonprofit organization.


In these year-long projects, students choose a field of interest in partnership with a nonprofit organization, deepen their knowledge of that field through a combination of research and hands-on experience, identify a specific problem or question within the field, propose a solution, and attempt to implement that solution in the form of a project or practicum.


During the first semester, students will complement their volunteer work identifying a specific need related to the organization’s mission. Students will formulate an action plan to meet this need based on their volunteer work and their research by the end of Semester One.


Semester Two is dedicated to the implementation and execution of the action plan. The course ends with a reflection of successes, failures, and findings.

Student Capstone Projects

Anna '20 - Violence Intervention Program
Blanca '20 - Karsh Center
Blanca Diaz.png
Catherine '20 - Safe Parking LA
Catherine Dickerman.jpg
Safe Parking LA.jpg
Gaby '20 - FoodCycle LA
Gaby Cohen.jpg
Julia '20 - Para Los Niños
Julia Edelman.jpg
Lily '20 - Inside Out Writers
Lily Langos.jpg
Nicole '20 - Beit T'Shuvah
Nicole Golenberg.jpg
Peyton '20 - Alexandria House
Alex House.png
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